Hey guys! We are SpeakUp and we want you!

Who Are We?

We are some 8th and 9th graders that focus on giving the best materials to younger students about public speaking and debate so that they can present freely and share their own opinions and have people respect them for their great ideas!

What Do We Do?

We use our own experiences from learning public speaking and debate to teach the younger students about why mastering public speaking is an essential skill in life and how the skill will benefit them throughout the entire course of their lives

Why Join Us

If you are a person thats passionate about speaking in general, feel free to join our club! We have around 2 sessions and 1 meeting per week so we can efficiently plan our lessons and give the best resources to you and to our students.

Status: Active

Leader: 9(2), Hsiao, ETHAN YI

Location: Middle school building