Sunshine Station

Sunshine Station

Background info: this club is aimed to help the disabled people at 阳光之家, which is an organization that is part of the 中国狮子会联盟. What we are focusing on helping them in this club is to help these people sell the soap they made and let more people know about them through writing WeChat articles or making posters. (our club's activities are mainly on-campus with few off-campus activities throughout the semester)

On campus activities include: 1. writing articles or making posters 2. selling soap during on-campus activities (such as charity fair) 3. potentially making speech to raise awareness

Off-campus activities: 1. communicating and interacting with the people (联谊活动) around 2 times each semester 2. help produce soap (about 1 times each semester) note: parents should arrange the transportation during off-campus activities

Activity time: Our club doesn't have a fixed activity time since it's mostly based on individual / small scale group work, specific tasks will be arranged during meetings.

Status: Active

Leader: 9(10), Zhang, Elaine

Location: 吴中路810弄阳光家园103室