Village Radio Station

Village Radio Station

The Village Radio is a service learning program designed to help the children in rural areas to build a better understanding of the world that’s outside of their villages, and create a chance for students like in SHSID to look at the world from a different perspective. Our goal is to do as much as we can to help the children to learn more about the subjects that they lack educational resources on, and to provide some entertainment for them at the same time. The club focuses mainly on writing, recording, and sending the audio tapes to the children to help improve their education and their opportunity in the future. Since the children mainly lacked educational resources in scientific fields, members of our group decided to read more scientific short stories to them. These stories are entertaining, and at the same time contain some new knowledge, which are particularly suitable for children of their age. The club worked together with the Shanghai Media Group (SMG) to present our recordings to children in the village, and we also have close connections with a charity called 爱上公益.


Status: Active

Leader: 9(2), Xiong, Yi Chen Winnie

Location: in school