About Us: If you have a hard time writing your English essay, if you feel like constructing your physics report is harder than drinking a bowl of pepper, than Pen&Paper is the right club for you. We do not simply use bland writing assignments and practices to boost your skills. Literature is not math. Instead, we use readings and texts from a wide variety of realms, ranging from mythology to technology, to entertain and feed you with materials to write. With a platform and ingredients to operate upon, writing a good essay is no big deal. Reading about the lives of authors like Laila Lalami or Bell Hooks may even spark a fire of interest and relation inside you, propelling you forward in your journey.

When we meet and average class descriptions: We plan to meet on Tuesdays afterschool. Find me at Wechat: Lava12kings or Ian Lu in 9(1).

Status: Active

Leader: 9(1), Lu, Yansu

Location: ZT Building, 318