High Dream

High Dream

High Dream is a club open for high school students who dream of equality.

We promote equality through these activities:

  1. Translation
  2. Donation (On campus)
  3. Donation (Off campus)
  4. Collaboration with other institutions & service organizations

Recently, High Dream donated 15000 yuan to 闪耀之星福利院.

实现自由与平等的社会是High Dream永远的梦想。


  1. 做翻译
  2. 举办校内义卖会 + 参加校内Sports Meeting Food Fair
  3. 举办校外义卖会
  4. 跟“Happy Tree"和“白衣天使团”长期合作

最近High Dream向闪耀之星福利院捐赠了15000元。

High Dream can be a convenient translator, friendly donator, and willing volunteer. Please join us because we have the power to make a difference in our community!

Status: Active

Leader: 10(4), SooJi Lee

Location: ZTB 204