Programming Club

Programming Club

The Programming Club is an academic club founded by 11(2) Carl in 2018. Under the supervision of Mr. Wu, the club aims to create a wide range of applications for use in the SHSID community. One example is the official Peer Advisor website—an online platform on which students could share their knowledge and experience. Furthermore, members in the Programming Club are able to improve their programming skills in preparation for competitions like the ACSL and USACO. It is worth mentioning that one team from the Programming Club received First Place in the 2019 National round of ACSL held in Beijing. Ten core members of the Programming Club meet every Thursday afterschool at XMT102. Apart from regular sessions that are lecture-based, the Programming Club also encourages students to explore advanced topics such as machine learning, and discuss their findings with other club members. Feel free to contact the leader if you are interested in joining the club!

编程社是由一群热爱编程的学生所组成的社团。在吴老师的指导下,编程社致力打造一系列可以改善校园生活的程序。学校Peer Advisor 的官方网站便是编程社开发的软件之一:学生们可以通过这个平台,分享各种知识或在校外比赛的经验。在设计这些软件的同时,编程社的成员可以大大提升自己的编程能力,为各种比赛做准备。例如,有一支来自编程社的队伍,在2019年美国计算机联赛的中国决赛中取得了全国第一名的优秀成绩。编程社将继续努力,向USACO(美国计算机奥林匹克赛)等高难度比赛 “进攻” ,争取获得良好的成绩。

Status: Active

Leader: 11(2), Carl

Location: XMT 102