这是一个由社长Kelly于2017年创立的慈善性艺术社团,而大部分的社员也都是来自上海中学国际部。我们致力于帮助民工子弟学校&希望小学的学生学习有关于艺术的知识和技巧,同时也希望他们能够通过艺术培养自己对生活的积极态度。无论是图案设计,摄影,修图,策划,公关,又或者是担任模特以及联络赞助商,我们的每个成员都在社团里都在不同层面担任着非常重要的角色。 L'Amour² 100%的收益都将以物资(图书&绘画用具)的形式捐赠给四川省丹棱县双桥镇德州仪器TI希望小学以及一所名为浙江省宜兴市丁蜀镇正新小学的民工子弟学校,因为我们相信这样的方式不仅能够直接帮助到那些小学生,也还可以让他们能够共学共游。

L’Amour Square is a charity-oriented art club founded by club leader Kelly Huang in 2017, and most of our club members are students from Shanghai High School International Division. Our aim is to help the primary students in rural areas of China to learn about art, enrich knowledge& artistic skills, and develop positive attitudes towards their lives. The aesthetically intricate designs are all created by the members of this club, and they are printed onto hoodie/tees of different colors and sizes. Whether it's graphic design, photography, photoshop, planning, public relations, or as a model and even contacting sponsors, each of our members plays an indispensable role at different facet in the community. 100% of L'Amour²'s profit goes to TI Hope School in Sichuan &Zhengxin Primary School in the form of picture books and art accessories instead of money. In this way we can not only directly help those primary school students, but also enable them to learn more and dive deep into the ocean of art.

如果有任何问题的话都欢迎来询问我们喔 ~ If you have any questions, please contact us. 微信/WeChat ID: kellyh0314

Status: Active

Leader: 11(1), Kelly Huang

Location: Outside of the school