We believe MUSIC IS POWER. Music for a better life, a better world for all. We currently have two sub-clubs:

I. MFPa: Music for Patients

To create harmony atmosphere through organizing several mini- concerts in lobby of a public, private or special hospital, we are aiming to relieve the tensions existing in between patients and doctors and to encourage patients to accept medical treatment in hospital peacefully with cheerful hope of quick recovery.

II. MFPe: Music / Fun / Peers

  • To organize a music salon during noon time in campus. Grouping peers who love classical or modern music. Sharing together the music study and appreciation knowledge and experiences.
  • To activate learning cultural in campus and to promote students' enthusiasm in academic learning.
  • To positively influence students’ emotion, thinking and ability so as to help building up a good style of study.
  • To relieve study stress and reduce time in using computer and mobile phone.

Status: Active

Leader: 11(2), Kingsley Poon 潘俊健 11(2)

Location: Inside and Outside the Campus