I(John Zhou, 11(1)B) along with the co-leader (Billy Wang, 11(7)) and vice leader (Richard Zhang, 10(5)) of my club aim to teach students from the high school department that are interested in STEM courses (maths, physics, chemistry, etc), STEM knowledge that they wouldn't usually learn in school, including calculus, linear algebra, electromagnetism, etc, as well as any problems of any STEM genre that they encounter in school. The specific separation of work in the club is as follows: my co-leader (Billy Wang) and another teaching staff (Endo Hiroki, 11(1)A) would be taking care of the preliminary section of the club which mostly consists of 9th and 10th graders and myself (John Zhou) along with my vice leader (Richard Zhang) is taking charge of the advance section of the club.

Teaching Plan For 2018 School Year:

Preliminary Section: 1. Math:finish pre-calculus and start on the concept of limit and the derivative 2. Physics:all of classical mechanics that does not require any calculus

Advanced Section: First Semester 1. Math: finish all of single-variable calculus(AP BC range plus the rigorous definitions that it left behind as well as simple differential equations, some numerical methods, and a glimpse of the trigonometric series) 2. Physics:finish AP C Mechanics with additional materials Second Semester 1. Math:finish multi-variable calculus or linear algebra 2. Physics:finish AP C Electromagnetism with additional materials

Statement: My co-leader as well as myself and the teaching staff have all passed the AP exams for calculus BC and mechanics C and are confident that we are able to teach the students in the corresponding STEM subjects, and most of all, we aim to ignite the and passion for STEM subjects in the heart of the students!

Status: Inactive

Leader: 12(1), 周小墅

Location: preliminary section XMT 107, advanced section XMT