Eco Cap

Eco Cap

ECO CAP 是日本的一个非盈利组织。他们的宗旨就是通过从日本各国收集回收瓶盖循环利用,将收益捐赠给慈善机构去支持,为非洲儿童提供疫苗的活动,并在此过程中为残疾人提供工作 (比如较基本的分类工作)。 ECO CAP is originally a Japanese non-profit organization that collects bottle caps from all places in Japan. They use the profit collected from recycling those caps to do charity, specifically providing vaccines to African children, or certain patients. In the past few years, they successfully helped to eliminate polio.

而 ECO CAP 上海就是这個机构首个得到认证的在外活动的组织 As for ECO CAP Shanghai, it is a division from the organization that has been authorized

ECO CAP 上海是一个完全由学生组织起来的集团,由千叶旭海作为主要代表活动。 现已在上海中学校内建立起一个成员数约为 50 名的社团,积极回收校内资源,并且增强学生们的环保意识。 ECO CAP Shanghai is composed fully by students,led by Terumi Chiba. Currently, this shanghai division is still a 30-member club in Shanghai High School International division. We collect and recycle bottle caps within the campus.

作為在上海中學的社團,我們通過在各个教学楼的教室内(先棉堂,中心樓,新藝術樓以及小學部)放置特别的瓶身和瓶盖可分别丢入的回收箱,每周前去集中清理然后卖给环保公司。 We will put a special box for those caps near the trash can in Xian Mian building, Zhong Xing Building, Middle and Primary School buildings, and collect them every week. Then we will take those collected caps to a recycling company to process them into products, and use the money we earn from the company to do charity!✨


The plastic that composite the cap is mainly PP, which is different from the plastic bottle itself, which is PET. PP are used in the hanger of clothes, pens and some other products around our life. We can reuse those discarded caps to protect further damages to the earth.

So there is already a institution in Japan to recycle the plastic caps. We have contact the institution and are authorized to act as a subsection in Shanghai. 👈homepage of Eco cap recycling institution

💕Charity- We will donate the money to institution such as UNICEF to provide vaccine💉 for patients in Africa.

Status: Inactive

Leader: 11(2), Alex Kim

Location: SHSID