MTC—Animusic Club is both an ACG study and a volunteer club. Our goal is to help more and more people understand the ACG culture and build up students’ social responsibility. Every Wednesday afterschool, we study the culture of Japanese ACG and music in XMT102. During the weekend, we join the “Hand on Shanghai” organization and enjoy the time spending with children who suffer from renal disease, are recovering from heart surgery, or are overcoming a physical handicap. We go to Shanghai Children’s Medical Center every Saturday, and Children’s Hospital of Fudan University every Sunday. We also have a lot of special extra activities cooperating with other clubs, like the maid cafe and the charity performance of Animenz.

Currently, MTC—Animusic Club has about 40 talented members, we have a small band and a group of excellent artists. However, we still need talented people like you! Join us and create more miracles → Contact our club leader: Anita 11-3,WechatID:Anitahua0105 , MTC漫音社是一个集ACG文化与志愿者精神于一身的社团(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧。我们的宗旨是让跟多的小伙伴们了解二次元文化,以及增强对社会的责任感。每周三放学在先棉堂102教室,我们都会一起研究二次元文化和三次元鬼畜。长期以来,我们都和“牵手上海”协会合作,周六会在上海儿童医学中心的心脏科、周日在复旦大学附属儿科医院的肾脏科陪生病的小朋友一起做游戏、学英语等。除了这些每周惯例的活动,我们经常会和其他社团合作,一起开办许多其他的特殊的活动,例如上学期的女仆咖啡厅和这学期Animenz的义演。


加入我们这个大家庭吧→召唤吾辈的社长:华翎卉11-3, 微信:Anitahua0105 ,邮箱

Status: Active

Leader: 11(3), Anita Hua

Location: 先棉堂102