MTC—Animusic Club is both an ACG study and a volunteer club. Our goal is to help more and more people understand the ACG culture and build up students’ social responsibility. Every Wednesday afterschool, we study the culture of Japanese ACG and music in XMT101A. During the weekend, we join the “Hand on Shanghai” organization and enjoy the time spending with children who suffer from renal disease, are recovering from heart surgery, or are overcoming a physical handicap. We go to Shanghai Children’s Medical Center every Saturday, and Children’s Hospital of Fudan University every Sunday. We also have a lot of special extra activities cooperating with other clubs, like the maid cafe and the charity performance of Animenz.

Currently, MTC—Animusic Club has about 40 talented members, we have a small band and a group of excellent artists. However, we still need talented people like you! Join us and create more miracles → Contact our club leader: George Chen 12(9), wechat ID:georgechen2001, email: / Noah Jiang 12(7), wechat ID: noahjiang20010525



加入我们这个大家庭吧→召唤吾辈的社长:陈闻浩12(9), 微信:georgechen2001 ,邮箱 / 蒋诺亚12(7),微信: noahjiang20010525

Status: Active

Leader: -1(-1), George Chen

Location: 先棉堂101A