Think Outside The Box

Think Outside The Box

"Think Outside the Box" welcomes wielders of creativity in every aspect possible—be it writing, watercolor, or clothes pins. By becoming a member, you will have the opportunity to showcase your work through a Wechat Official Account and/or participate in our other activities.   

Through this club, we wish not only to build a platform for artists—beginner or not—but also to build upon the entertainment of students. 

We will forever hold our arms open no matter if you are a polished veteran or new to the trade. No matter if you live in Shanghai or on Mars. No matter if you communicate creativity through writing stories or running cross-country. 

“创意艺术社”, 作为一个以创意为中心、创作为天地的社团展新登场啦! 我们社团将会欢迎来自世界各地的有创意的高中生。只要你有能力,不管你是擅长写作、画画还是栽培植物, 我们都可以为你提供展现自我的平台。在社团成立后,我们将开通微信公众号、利用午休时间演讲等各种活动来为你的作品找到展示的机会。不管你是一门艺术的初学者还是技艺娴熟的大师;不管你展现创意的方式有多么奇特,只要你拥有属于自己的创意并愿意为此社作出贡献,我们将为你敞开社团的大门。

Status: Active

Leader: 12(1), Rachel Wu

Location: School/Virtual